There comes a time in your life that you think and feel being ignored to the maximum level. A time when you feel you are unwanted, unloved or being taken for granted. A time when you think the whole world is against you and going out of your direction, in short, you feel derailed out of your station in life.

Others would then say, just pray hard and seek for strength from above. It is just a matter of “kneeling down” and seek guidance for proper perspective in life. Yes, pray for whatever you think and feel. Lift it all to the Lord, He will help you. You do it, hoping against hope to find solace, peace of mind and love.

There is then feeling of distance, feeling of loneliness, feeling of being all alone. You try to hide your tears behind your smile, you try to be strong and show to the world a happy face, a strong will, a strong person, happy and contented. You wear a mask, you wear a facade only you will understand.

Sometimes people only notice your absence without even thinking/feeling the reason behind. Every absence has a touching story and I believe only true or real friends will feel it. The rest only appreciate you when they need something from you!

Sometimes you feel bad when a friend just say “ I thought you forgot us” instead of saying “how are you?” because of your absence. Every absence has a very good reason.

Learn to look for the best in every situation. SELF-TALK if I may say.

No matter what you’re going through, if you look hard enough and keep the right attitude, you can find something good about the experience.

You must make a choice to keep your mind focused on the better things. Our lives move in the direction of our most dominant thoughts.

It’s time for you to soar with the eagles.
Look beyond where you want to be, and let faith blossom in your heart.

There is sometimes a need to change our environment.

Quit sitting around worrying and feeling sorry for yourself.

Go find somewhere you can dream.

Get into an atmosphere where people build you up rather than tear you down.

Find a place where people will encourage you and challenge you to be
the best you can be.

Spend time with people who inspire you to reach for new heights.

If you associate with successful people, before long, their
enthusiasm will be contagious and you will catch that vision.

If you stay in an atmosphere of victory, you will develop a winning mind-set.

It is time for you to soar with an eagles rather than pecking around
with the chickens.

Even when circumstances don’t go your way, keep your mind set in the
right direction.

Love with no reason. Give without expectations.

Love is not love until you give it away.

The more love is silently expressed the more obvious it can be seen.
I would rather love you in silence.

Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached