A simple  thank you a sweet smile and a warm greetings from your love ones family and friends is more than enough to make your day happy and complete. A very simple way and unique gesture to show your care love and respect to each other.
Sometimes we almost forgot it because of our hectic schedule, never ending works that it almost take all our time.
But if we know how to manage our time well everything will be put into order.
There’s nothing wrong for being polite sweet and kind, Only those people who is narrow minded or those who are so paranoid, that when you greet them it means something, When you smile to them you are thinking something.
Greetings  comes in many ways to show you care.
Greetings with Hugs..
With kiss on the cheeks..
Shake hands..
High five
Bump each other on the chest..
Many more ..
There’s no replacement of happiness you felt from your heart when suddenly someone saw you from your past or an old friend greet you with warm hugs and a laugh.
Whatever we do whatever we say our connections to all the people we know from past ,and Present will always be connected. Every memories you had will always be remembered. The words you said to each other and all the things you’ve done together will always be cherished and remembered.
“Some people will not remember how you looked like, what you said, what you do or where you came from but they will never forget what you made on their lives. They will always remember you forever and always.” Why don’t you greet them now with love in your heart with joy in the deepest part of your hear. Hi and Hello to all my past present friends and family.  A  hugs and good wishes !! To all of  you. Thank you so much for being part of my life.


By: Nelia Vista
Author is poet, inspirational article and note writer