You might have FB friends all over the world as you desired,  you
might have joined different groups for hidden agenda,  you might have
unfriended/blocked/deleted some from your lists for personal reasons,
but never ever take for granted someone who truly loves you.  The
someone might just be around the corner,  hurt for being ignored or
feelings never addressed in proper perspective.  Time to ponder or
time to say hello once and for all.

In any relationship,  exchange of words or feelings can never be
avoided.  There will always be some issue you disagree with each
other,  but it is a must to address or take care of feelings
properly,  lest it burst out of proportion and the foundation both of
you built might be in danger or even collapse.  There is a need to be
keen on any unusual behavior that is going on.

Forgiveness does not mean reconciliation. It simply means you choose
to let go because it will benefit you most as you travel light in
life’s journey. Forgiveness is divine.

Run wild like horses,  stay hot and wild by heart.   Age are just
numbers after all,  who cares?

Moments are treasures beyond compare.  Sweet moments with you will
forever be mine and mine alone.

Never ever allow one person,  only one person,  to ruin your day and
moment.  There are more than 7 billions all over the world,  one of
them will love you,  now and forever.  Never despair,  never fret.
Life is beautiful when shared with someone you love,  with every beat
of your heart.

I will be there for you and let me be the air you breath,  now and forever.

Words can never ever express my love for you because it is beyond
measure,  beyond compare.  But when I say I LOVE YOU take good care of
it or it might just slip away with no reason at all.   Love is like a
red rose,  it needs love and attention.

Sometimes we sigh,  need to sigh.  Yes,  let go of your feelings and
handle it while you may.

When I said BECAUSE I LOVE YOU,  it does not mean I will be there
forever and a day.  If taken for granted,  ignored or just set aside
with the sound of silence,  it needs to sacrifice for your own space
and happiness.  I have to let go of you,  I have to set you free and
let go of your hands.   If you are happy with other things,  then so
be it.  It is your choice and my only choice left is to give you back
your freedom.

I am not giving up on you but I am letting you go.  You are happy on
your own way and so am I for you.

In everything that you do or say,  demonstrate the difference in you.
Be different and show your style.

You are unique and original.   Live it.

Remove grudge and forgive quickly.

Never wallow on regret over the past.

 Always have new expectations in your relationship.   Make it exciting.

You miss me, I miss you, we miss each other.  Missing is part of loving.

Wherever you are,  whatever you do,  you have the right to dream high
and go for it.

The right to love again is yours forever.

We have all the time in the world.  We have it right now.

Let go of anything that would hold you back or weigh you down.  Travel
light in the journey of life,  why not?


Author: Margie Gellor is a Writer, Public Speaker and Budding Photographer, she can be reached