The firefly should light up my lawn even in the morning; moon should stay on my roof top forever, stars should shine during the day, sun should only rise, flowers should be fresh forever, it should rain slowly, there should only be  spring, air should blow in my direction, water should flow with me, birds should sing with me, pen should write me the way I want, colors should paint me the way I want, shadow should move with me, and everything should be perfect.

This is what we expect from life. We always want to drive things with our wish; we want an easy, happy, prosperous and perfect life. We always need a source of light and guidance no matter if  it is day or night, we are possessive about beautiful things and we want to own them passionately, we are crazy about our success and cannot expect a failure, appreciation is our fuel and we want it for every little effort, we want loved ones to stay with us forever, good bye hurts all, we want to be special and unique. But we are alone, helpless, empty, wrecked, incomplete and ordinary.

We always walk alone without any shadow, we struggle for whole of our life and cannot gather a few beautiful things of our choice, we smile and laugh and still tears follow us, we spend our lives to prove ourselves but still a few appreciate us, we love people but they don’t stay with us forever, we have to guide ourselves at every step of life but still we regret, we want to be a child again but life goes on and we cannot stop this irreversible phenomenon, we plan about years but we don’t know about the next moment of our life and we want to live forever but we die.

Thus life is a childish wish to own a firefly, moon, stars, sun, flowers, birds, sky and colors but we own nothing. We cry for everything but they come for the moment, spend a little time with us and go away, but we wait for another firefly, day, flower, bird, sky and color. For us they are life but they are the teachers; they learn us how ordinary and temporary this life is. Spend these beautiful moments without any expectation.


By: Aisha Mustaq