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5 Quick Steps to Boost Your Writing

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“No, I can’t log into Facebook until I complete my essay”, said no student ever. With the wide range of modern distractions, procrastinating with papers is even easier than ever.

At the same time, good writing skills are critical for survival in today’s labor market. Best resume writers get the best jobs. Would you like to be among them?

Here are 5 quick steps that can boost your writing:

1)    Add colors to your writing routine. Doing academic tasks can be boring and intimidating unless you find ways to start enjoying them. How to achieve this? Try to write in new places – in the parks, cafes, college libraries (wherever your imagination brings you). Choose colorful backgrounds and interesting designs for your documents. Conduct experiments with new fonts and formats. Discuss your tasks with your classmates. Even the worst writing assignments aren’t that frightening if you share them with friends.

2)    Plan your writing. Sure, your deadline will motivate you to complete your paper on time. Yet, intermediate deadlines can significantly improve your productivity. Set a deadline for choosing a topic and decide when you are going to complete your research. It will help you save plenty of time and avoid the so-called writer’s blocks. 

3)    Take the most from proofreading. Always pay proper attention to the papers graded by your teachers. It’s your chance to diagnose the weakest points in your papers and find the best cures. Editing can be the most productive part of the writing process if you do it right. Take into account the teachers’ comments and try to avoid the same mistakes in the following papers.

4)    Use innovative tools. Use online dictionaries instead of spending ages on turning over the pages of multi volume outdated editions. By the way, have you heard of collocation dictionaries before? These dictionaries help you combine words in grammatically correct sentences, find the right words and get inspired. (For example, visit the Oxford Collocation Dictionary

5)    Eat brainy foods and sleep well. Did you know that your meals could influence your grades? Fruits, seeds, grains, fish, coffee and dark chocolate are brainy foods that help you generate fresh ideas. Another important requirement is the quantity and quality of night sleep. There is no sense pulling all-nighters trying to improve your writing skills overnight. 7 hours of quality sleep is the minimum time required for your health and academic success?


Boosting your writing is easier than it seems. It is all about consistency and personal effectiveness. You can start using these small tips right now and enjoy amazing results in the nearest future.

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Julia Reed is an academic writer with over 15 years of experience. She Currently writers for the blog at This blog offers tons of exclusive writing tips, innovative research methods and fresh ideas for students. She always knows the latest educational news and enjoys sharing them with her readers.

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