At least 23 businesswomen are participating in a four-day “Ramadan Lanterns” exhibition at Jeddah Hilton Hotel, Al-Riyadh newspaper reported. These businesswomen are part of the productive families program of Al-Bir Charitable Society and will showcase handicrafts, traditional clothes and food, among others.
The exhibition aims to promote the handicrafts and to encourage Saudi women to work and become productive members of the community.

Secretary-General of Al-Bir Waleed Bahamdan said productive families taking part in the exhibition were carefully chosen. He explained that the chosen items received acclaim from other women. By holding the exhibition, Al-Bir Society aims to increase the income of these women who run very small projects, he added.

Bahamdan pointed out that these women are provided financial assistance to ensure that they continue to run their project from their houses. He said the project helped many needy women to become productive members of society. He added that the program also seeks to defeat dependency on others by creating productive families and providing them with work opportunities.

source: yahoo news