Zimbabwe’s official election body says 94.5 percent of Zimbabweans have supported a new constitution, which strengthens human rights and limits presidential powers.

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission made the announcement in the capital Harare on Tuesday, the Associated Press reported.

Judge Rita Makarau, the chairwoman of the commission, stated that over 3 million Zimbabweans voted for the draft constitution and 170,489 voted against it.

All of the main political parties had called on their supporters to cast a “Yes” ballot in the referendum.

After a disputed presidential election in 2008, a global political agreement was signed between the opposing parties. One of the resolutions of the agreement called for drafting a new constitution that would ensure smooth running of the national affairs.

The new constitution will curb the extensive powers that President Robert Mugabe has enjoyed under his 33-year rule and will prepare the grounds for holding presidential and parliamentary elections in July.

The upcoming elections are expected to put an end to the power struggles between Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai.

Zimbabwe is currently run based on the constitution which was introduced after country’s independence in 1980.