Furious immigration minister Mark Harper personally told a failed asylum seeker to go home – on live television.

The senior Tory told Iraqi Esam Amin that his claims to stay in Britain were ‘ridiculous’ and he ‘should leave’ the country.

During the highly charged confrontation on the BBC, Mr Harper said neither the government nor the courts believed Mr Amin’s claims and the British taxpayer should not support him.

Mr Harper, who has taken an increasingly tough line on illegal immigration, signed off the controversial ‘Go Home’ ad vans which toured London this summer.

He came face to face with Mr Asim on BBC1’s Sunday Politics West, making clear that the Iraqi had no right to stay in Britain.

Mr Amin’s claims to asylum have been rejected five times in the past six years.

The minister said it was now time to leave the country.

During a 10-minute row, Mr Harper told him: ‘We are very clear Mr Amin has had the chance to claim asylum, his case has been looked at very carefully by the government, we didn’t find it credible.

‘We have a fair system where he is able to go through a legal process and the judge didn’t find his claim credible, in fact he said parts of his claim were “not credible and ridiculous”.

‘I’m afraid he has no right to be in the United Kingdom and he should leave.’

Mr Amin claimed his life would be in danger if he was sent back to Iraq.

But he admitted he has failed in his bid to claim asylum in Bristol five times since 2008.

He told the programme: ‘I am not an illegal person, I am an asylum seeker, I am a human being like you.

‘My life in my country is in danger that’s why I decided, and I left my family and everything, to come here. I claimed asylum, I came to find a safe place.

‘I know my story is true and your system doesn’t believe me.

‘Five times they didn’t believe me which has been going on for nearly six years. I can’t return to my home because my life is in danger there. I am campaigning so I can get my right to a safe place.’

He claimed that he had only £5 to live on after his claim was rejected.

But Mr Harper said the British taxpayer should not have to pick up the tab for someone who has no right to be here.

The minister added: ‘With the greatest respect when you were here claiming asylum taxpayers supported you, you now have no right to be in the United Kingdom and you should return.

‘We don’t believe you and neither did the judge.’see more

source: Dailymail UK