Daniel Bryan “I love going overseas, wherever it is. International fans are amazing, they’re so passionate about WWE. I’m so looking forward to seeing all my fans in Abu Dhabi.”

C M Punk “I can’t wait to come back to Abu Dhabi. The fans there loved WWE and were really loud. If you’re not watching it, you’re going to be missing a huge show.”

Cody Rhodes “I loved going there last year. American fans are so used to seeing WWE live, but other countries only get to see it live so rarely, you can see how enthused everyone is.”

The Miz “You guys showed me an amazing time in Abu Dhabi. This place is one of my favourites. Every­one is so friendly.”

Booker T “I’m working on getting on that tour to Abu Dhabi. I’m looking forward to playing some golf there, I hear there are some beautiful golf courses out there.”

Wade Barrett “I’m hoping I’m on the tour there in October. Or maybe the next one. I hear you have a lot of British expats there, so maybe they’ll cheer me for a change, rather than everyone booing me. For most of my career I enjoy being the bad guy, but back in the UK they love me. As an island race, we’re very patriotic and so naturally support our home-grown talent.”

Relationship with fans

Damien Sandow “I love meeting my fans, because every time I get to meet them it’s a chance to educate the unwashed masses. By unwashed, I mean morally unwashed, although some are also physically unwashed. My mission knows no time limits and it will not stop until the end of time.”

The Miz “Several times I’ve had fans say to me: ‘I hate you, you’re awful, you’re the worst.’ But it motivates me. I use negativity and try to turn this into energy in the ring. Whenever someone tells me I’m awful, I go: ‘OK, I will prove you wrong.’”

Brodus Clay “Yes, I have some people who can only be described as haters. I usually let [his tag-team partner] Tensai deal with them. He tracks them on GPS and says: ‘Look forward to meeting you.’ We only usually meet people who like us. The people who hate us hide behind social media.”

Booker T “Fans will be fans. They may show up anywhere – like when you’re using the bathroom – wanting an autograph. But my view is the day the fans stop asking you for an autograph is the day you should find another job.”

Life as a wrestler

The Miz “I’m on the road for about 250 days a year. But I get to go all over the world and see different cultures. Whenever I have had a 14-hour flight and have a show, when you step out on the stage it makes it all worthwhile. I would do the ring stuff for free, but the travelling, that’s why I get paid.”

Titus O’Neil “We work more than 200 days a year. It’s not for everybody, we just have to make adjustments to our lifestyles and accept we have to work hard to stay at the top.”

The worldwide appeal of WWE

Booker T “It doesn’t matter what race, religion or nationality you are, everyone loves superheroes. Everybody wishes they could fly and have wings, even if it was just for a day. We suspend their imagination for the two or three hours we’re in that arena, doing some amazing things.” see more 

source: http://www.thenational.ae