World Cup soccer qualifiers as well as matches in Australia may have been fixed by an international gambling syndicate, according to British media reports.

I do Australia, Scotland. Ireland. Europe. World Cup. World Cup qualifier

The National Crime Agency said a seventh person had been arrested following an undercover operation by Britain’s Daily Telegraph newspaper. He has been released on bail with the four others.

Chann Sankaran, a 33-year-old Singapore national, and Krishna Sanjey Ganeshan, a 43-year-old with dual British and Singaporean nationality, will appear at a magistrates’ court in Cannock, central England, on Friday, the NCA said.


They have been charged with conspiring to defraud Asian bookmakers ‘‘by influencing the course of football matches and placing bets thereon’’ between November 1-26.

The maximum prison sentence for the offence is 10 years.

‘‘The Crown Prosecution’s Organised Crime Division found sufficient evidence and was satisfied it was in the public interest to authorise charges of conspiracy to defraud,’’ the NCA said in a statement.

At least three of the men arrested were footballers from non-professional clubs, the BBC reported.

The Telegraph in London revealed that another of the men arrested was the alleged fixer.

During a secretly-recorded meeting earlier this month, he said: “I do Australia, Scotland. Ireland. Europe. World Cup. World Cup qualifier.” see more

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