Most parents are used to their kids climbing the walls after they eat too much sugar, but a dad in a video gone viral actual makes his son and daughter climb a wall to get their candy.’Avery, go get a piece of that candy,’ says the dad behind the camera to his 4-year-old little girl in a game he calls The Candy Challenge.

Avery does just what she’s told, and like a seasoned rock climber she ascends a door jamb and fetches a sucker from the wall high above.

Not to be outdone, Avery’s younger brother Logan clamps his tiny 3-year-old hands to the door and faster than his sister can unwrap her sucker, he’s retrieved his.

‘You got it!’ says their proud father as the kids chow down in the Youtube video user r0nchaa describes as ‘Gravity OFF, Godmode ON.’

source: dailymail UK