A 21-year-old Russian woman is in a “serious condition” after accidentally shooting herself while posing for a selfie with a gun believed to have been left behind by a security guard.

She found the 9mm handgun in her Moscow office and, while taking the selfie with one hand, accidentally pressed the gun’s trigger at close range.

The woman subsequently accidentally shot herself in the temple, and was admitted to Sklifosovsky hospital in Moscow, where she is described as being in a “serious condition.”

The incident was confirmed by police on Friday, but occurred on Thursday, and police are investigating how the woman obtained the gun.

The police in Moscow have said they believe a security guard had left the gun at the office two weeks prior, and was on holiday at the time of the shooting.

The owner of the gun could face up to six months in jail for storage for negligent storage of weapons, according to local news site RIA Novosti.

source: Independent Uk