The world of business today is constantly changing. And that means that business owners have less time than ever. Running a company is much more complex than just a few years ago, so you need solid strategies to help you cover your bases. Otherwise, you could let key functions fall through the cracks. This is why you need solid HR reps:

Treat Employees as Customers

A salesman’s job is to turn a prospect into a loyal customer for the long run. And in that same sense, an HR rep can help you turn employees into dedicated workers that have your company’s best interests in mind now and into the future, which illuminates why HR is important now more than ever.

Employees today jump ship more often than their older counterparts. If a great new offer comes along, they are more willing to take meetings and go with another business. So make sure your HR team is in place to build confidence in your company from the ground up and prevent that from happening so you can retain the best talent internally.

Find Applicants and Hire Smart

The people you hire need to be strategically aligned with your company. If someone is not a great fit, it can have a negative effect on the rest of your team. While you may set the goals and strategies, you need someone who is going to turn those into reality.

HR reps that understand your mission are able to go out and find the best candidates by searching through social media and other resources. Then, they can hire smart based on qualifications and culture fits that enhance, not take away from, your brand.

Manage Time Off and Benefits

As you scale up, the business needs of your payroll, time off, and benefit packages will be adjusted. This means that with each new batch of hires, you have more complexity to manage.

Hand this off to your HR reps instead. They will know exactly how to get everyone signed up for the benefits, manage their pay, and keep track of who is using their time off wisely versus those who seem to be exploiting the system.

Deal with Legal Issues

There is no doubt that if you run a company for long enough, legal issues will arise. This doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong, but the U.S. is litigious and you are bound to run into a disgruntled customer who will find any excuse to sue you. HR departments manage these legal functions, file paperwork, respond with positive PR spin, and protect the interests of your business.

Train Employees and Managers

An employee or manager are only as good as their training. Without the right framework, they won’t be able to grow within your company in a way that allows them to move up and be promoted. Being trained by HR with the right skills in the beginning can set them on the right foot to becoming great specialists, salespeople, and leaders. This includes creating onboarding systems using best practices.

Resolve Conflicts in the Office

In a perfect world, everyone in your company would get along fine. However, there will be the occasional conflict between employees. These matters need to be met swiftly with the company’s reputation and legal protection in mind. Use your HR reps to jump in and get in the middle of conflicts to resolve them before they become catastrophes.

If you want to be successful in your industry, you need to be more productive, more innovative, and more efficient than your competition. Anything less exposes you to your competitors taking your customers right from under your nose. So free yourself up to focus on the higher level aspects of your business and let your HR be the execution team in the trenches so you can be assured that all the necessary functions are fulfilled for longer term success and profit.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.