History is a subject that tells us about our past. We can either choose to learn from it or completely ignore and continue making the same mistakes again. History tells where we have come from and based on what has transpired where we might head next in the future.

Also, history can be fascinating. We get learn about heroes and the battles they fought to bring this world to its present day form. History is all about interest and if you have interest you will find history is quite a subject full of fun and interesting facts.

In this article we have outlined few reasons why learning history is an important element in our lives.


History helps us understand the world

It teaches us how the world used to function back in the day of our ancestors or forefathers which is why shefunctions the way it is today. Personally, I enjoy history and find past an interesting thing to learn about.

In other words history allows us to delve into an era that we couldn’t live in (for better or worse). By reading history you realize that you are actually witnessing the events as if you are present there in flesh and blood. History helps to learn about the people that impacted the world in a major way and who were kings, warriors, geniuses, inventors and discoverers.


History tells us who we are

History is full of past events and happenings which have transformed the world in the domain of science, culture, religion, tradition, information, education, cuisines, fashion and you name it! History is a depiction of the times when man was ape like and evolved into the most ferocious species called Homo sapiens.


History helps us understand cultures

History also outlines what happened in a certain demographic at any one point in time. Usually cultures are developed when many people decide to band together and lead a life. One thing leads to another and customs result.

We know there existed many empires such as Roman, Aztec, Ottoman, Mughals and British Raj. These empires encompassed several territories and members from different tribes and nations all under one banner. When they learned to coexist (irrespective of whether or not they coerced into it), a certain culture evolved.

History helps us to judge in a wise manner

History can be our lab or our testing ground. From past we realize what didn’t work out earlier and how we can improve on it so that our future is bright. For instance, if you were to figure out why some people behave in a fashion they do, you need to look at their past.

You will notice that since Native Indians weren’t equipped with the tools to cure their sick they labeled any medicine as a work of wizard. They would allow their tribesmen to die but would not resort to treatments/medicines that were developed to cure that illness.

Do you know why? Firstly, they were hunter gatherers and secondly, they weren’t used to of being ruled by a foreign race (read British, when they discovered and conquered North America). So if you meet any Native Americans today and see hate for the white people in their eyes, it is because they were dealt a cruel blow by the same whites (then under the banner of British Raj).


History helps us adopt to change

Who would have thought the rise of internet, machines and robots would render the world partly unemployed because we have automation at our disposal to do our jobs so less human labor is required? Similarly, if you go back even further who knew one day nuclear weapons could be developed or heck, you could use a light bulb in place of candle?

Therefore, history educates us that the only thing permanent in this world is change itself. So we should stop resisting it and accept it because that is the way of the world. True, some changes can be adverse in nature but on other occasions, these changes can bring favorable outcomes as well. Look around and you’ll know.

It may be that ills outweigh the pluses but rest assured you can never stop the change. History is a witness to that.

History inculcates in us civic sense

With civic sense we become responsible citizens. History teaches us of the nations that did not pursue education, did not work hard, did not help one another, did not do their religious duty or did not do charity or did ruthless aggression against other states – perished.

Thus, we learn which steps/route not to take or follow. In order to become a law abiding citizen, we need to view the world and its people that were responsible for their own demise. You can find countless such examples.



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