#15 Cheeseburgers

There is very little about a cheeseburger that is nutritionally sound. The bun is highly processed white flour, the meat is high in fat and often integrated with fillers and the cheese is so processed it is mainly oil and saturated fat. Remove them from your diet and you will find yourself losing weight because you won’t be filling your body with those meat fillers and extra sugar.

#14 Pizza

Pizza from your favorite fast food place is usually made with a lot of white flour which adds unnecessary sugars. It is also topped with processed cheeses that are very high in fats! Then depending on the toppings you choose, you could be consuming a lot of nitrates, sodium and even more fat. If you stop eating it, you could reduce your cravings for sugar.


#13 It’s Addictive

Have you ever craved a cheeseburger or a chocolate shake? The more fast food you eat, the more cravings you will have for even more fast food!

#12 Fried Chicken

A trip to the Colonel could result in a higher risk of cancer. That sounds a little extreme but a lot of the oils most fast food chicken is friend in have been linked to cancer. Even without the risk, it is proven to be high in fats and can cause heart problems and weight gain.

#11 Doughnuts

Although the smell can be heavenly, you should probably just leave it at that. Donuts from a place like Krispy Kreme are deep fried, loaded with sugar and contain high amounts of trans fat. By turning down a doughnut you’ll keep yourself from feeling as soft as one and you’ll also reduce the risk of heart problems and diabetes in the future.

#10 Too Salty

In addition to unnecessary preservatives and sugars, fast food contains way more sodium than anyone should consume in a day. As a result, you’ll be bloated and your heart will have to work harder to keep up. For some, this is a recipe for a heart attack and other serious conditions.

#9 Soda

Just one 16 oz serving of soda contains about 10 spoonfuls of sugar and they are often full of caffeine and artificial dyes and chemicals. Soda can lead to a number of serious problems including osteoporosis, obesity, tooth decay and heart disease! The diet sodas are even worse because they are sweetened with toxic sugar substitutes.

#8 Obesity Risk

Children who regularly eat fast food gain as much as 6 pounds more a year than children who don’t. That is a staggering number considering the size of a child. Imagine how much worse it is for adults! You will definitely see and feel the damage of it.

#7 Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are overly processed meats made with preservatives like sodium nitrate. Those are widely considered to chemicals that accelerate the formation and growth of cancer cells throughout the body. Not to mention the fact that they’re loaded with salt and fat.

#6 Strange Additions

Ever wonder why fast food tastes so different than the stuff you make at home? It’s because a lot of companies rely on tasty additions like chemical preservatives, artificial coloring and monosodium glutamate!

#5 French Fries

Potatoes contain simple sugars that are rapidly converted to glucose and raise insulin levels. Then, when mixed with the oils during deep frying, they pick up unhealthy fats and get topped with liberal amounts of salt! French fries are often considered the worst fast food of all because you consume so many of them and they quickly lead to weight gain and risks for everything from diabetes to certain types of cancers.

#4 Salads

When it comes to fast food salads, the grass is not always greener. The ingredients have often been sitting so long that they have lost a lot of vitamins and any nutritional value. The produce is usually treated with harmful pesticides and the the calories average anywhere between 550 to more than 1,200 calories at the most popular chains. You would be better off eating freshly prepared vegetables at home!

#3 Blended Coffee Drinks

Next time you’re going to order one of those chocolate frappuccinos, consider that a 16 oz serving gives you more calories than a whole meal, more sugar than you should consume in a day and a surprising amount of sodium. If you’re not interested in gaining weight or heading on a fast track to diabetes, you should probably just go for a house roast or kick the coffee-drinking habit altogether.

#2 Cinnamon Roll-The sweet killer

Everyone loves a good Cinnabon but what you’re eating as a simple, sweet snack could give you a day’s worth of calories, enough fat for two days and more sugar than you should eat all week. You are putting yourself at risk of obesity and diabetes not to mention heart problems.

#1 Tacos

While tacos certainly aren’t the worst of your worries, in the world of fast food they can all add up to a very unhealthy meal. The shells are fried and contain no nutritional value and they are often crammed with fats. This includes saturated and even trans fats which are known to give you high cholesterol among other terrible side effects!