Child cry is the indication of his life. His parents get happy watching him like that, they take him in their laps and that is not more than a comfort zone for the child. He believe this is a place where no one can hurt him, no one can scold him or do anything which is painful. He observes a beautiful world around him which is just like a fairyland. He believes that fairies are playing game with him, making him happier, entertain him by telling jokes, by singing in their beautiful voice, by dancing with him and taking him to the magical castle. This all is the wizardly world of his life when he is not even able to walk but still he can do anything in that glorious world. Whatever he is doing is not in his conscious because childhood is like being drunk everyone remembers what you did except you.

A stage comes when he pull himself to stand, when he learn to walk irregularly by holding finger of his parents. They move him and want their child to walk without any support. His small feet struggle hard to walk like a gentleman and in doing so, he gets success in this miniscule mission. This is a time when these tiny things seem to be a herculean project.

A day comes when these small feet have to put on those black shoes with white socks. He have to put on a dress which will make his way towards a brighter future, towards an independent life, towards a life when he himself will earn his own bread and a life which he have to live without his parents. This is actually a journey towards his school for the first time. He cried, he tried hard not to take this route, he just want his mother lap and father shoulders to remain with him forever, he do not want to spend a second without them but he have to face this arduous moment.

When he gets there, slowly and steadily he adjusts himself in that new environment. He met different people, and make new friends. Those friends are like the fairies about whom he pictured in his infancy, those friends play with him, they exchange gifts, they laugh together, they share their whole day activities and they even fight like you took my pencil without permission, I will take yours but these trivial incidents make him laugh in later life.

After a year, he has to face another crucial time which is the moment of sitting in an examination hall. It is a mental struggle for him, he has to use his intellectual abilities to remain in run with his mates. He have to compete with the life to remain synchronize with it.

Days turns into months and months turns into years. He grows up and now he is in the condition to support his parents, to be a shoulder for them. At this phase, his life is full of crisis but this life also teaches him many lessons. His rattling childhood which is full of unforgettable memories tells him the way to live from level 1 to this higher level. His agile personality is a gift of that childhood.


By:  Sajeela Bakht