In light of the new update of WhatsApp, the messaging app has released a new emoji.

Alongside the reduction of loading times, the ability to send large emojis and the zoom feature being unlocked for video recording, WhatsApp has treated users to an Olympic rings emoji.

Those hyped for the 2016 summer Olympics, which will be hosted in Rio next week, can gush about it in style.
And even if you’re not a fan of the sporting event, at least you’ve got a new emoji to try out.

While the emoji is located directly on the keyboard for Android users, the iPhone crowd for the catchily-named WhatsApp version 2.16.7 will have to work for it, by having to sign in to the web version of WhatsApp.It won’t take too long though as long as you’ve got a computer to hand. Simply go to the WhatsApp website, launch a chat and find the emoji in the sports section.
Once sent, as long as your app is updated, it will be available to copy, paste and send to anyone else who’s updated.
Sure, it’ll probably make you wish you bought an Android, but at least you’ll get a new emoji out of it… see more

source: metro UK