It feels good to know that after a long time of absence, an old friend greeted me and started chatting with me once in a while…

It such an amazing feeling to learn that in the midst of chaos and messy life I have been thru and still been struggling with, someone out there still care and concern about me sincerely.

That is now I realized the meaning of the famous quote… “WHAT YOU SOW IS WHAT YOU WILL REAP”…

Although we parted ways for years and years, the good relationship that we had did not completely made us apart, despite the fact that he already has his own family and the busy daily life… he still manage to keep in touch with me to check how am I dealing with my life.

Well, it is common for any relationships (may it be friends or lovers or family) that once the problem comes in that leads to a broken ones, the tendency is to shy away or forget the person(s) whom you had a split with…. But in my case, during our time, I showed him the best of me when it comes to being myself with pure and sincere intention… I highly appreciate the end result.

It is always best that when you get into a relationship and you find it not workable at later point in time, better that you part ways as friends rather than enemies.

Thanks for reading 🙂