Have you tried to fall in love?
Did you ever feel what is the real feeling of being in Love?
Many questions and many answers different opinion different definition..
We are human flesh and Blood..
We are made out of Love..
God made the world first then Human
God created us so that He could love us.
And we could love Him.
He is a God of Love.
All matter is energy..
And God has infinite power and wisdom.
Much more an unconditional love for everyone.
Falling in love is an act on which everyone can capable of having it.
There are many kinds of love that purely express deep inside our heart.
True Love ,pure Love?
Isn’t it sounds and it defined the same?
For other people yes it defined separately.
But whatever you define it True Love and Pure Love is the same.
When we fall in love our heart is the one whose talking.
Our heart decide who can get in and reside there without any doubt.
Heart is the master of our Brain.
When it comes to Love.
When it beats in Love.
It will beat according to his rhythm.
It will speak with its on words.
Move with its own action.
Speak with its own language.
And shout according to its own desire.
Our body is just a followers.
Sometimes our mind is closed too.
Our eyes was blind folded.
Sometimes when Love strike it make a chaos.
 You will feel that in an instant when your heart saw and started to feel LOVE.
They say only one special person can make you feel true love.
The one who can touch your life in remarkable way.
The one who can hold not only your hand but it can hold and touch your heart too.
A pure love with honesty, respect, trust and unconditionally.
Sometimes people has that kind of love with the Wrong time but with the Right one.
The power of love that no one can resist.
It needs action it needs Passion.
A kind of love that you will stand for it against all odds.
True love means eternity despite for everything it will never let go never stop.
Till last breath do them apart .
 Falling in Love is not picky ..
It doesn’t care ..
And why..
Because love is a feeling that has loaded and tons of meaning.. 
But only our heart can tell what is the exact and the real meaning.
Love is an emotion that needs action with passion.
Love cannot be silent..
When your heart speak with Love..
Love with your heart mind body and soul..
Let your heart do the talking and you will surely follow what God is commanding.
Go and Spread Love with all your heart and soul.
By: Nelia Vista
        Nelia Vista is inspirational quote and article writer