Most business owners strive to bring new customers to their place of business, and they want to keep their customers safe. A customer’s experience truly does begin and end in the parking lot, and you should always want your customers to leave with positive feelings. However, you don’t always have control over who enters your parking lot and what happens there, and crime is a sad reality. There are many ways you can keep your customers safe in the parking lot of your business.


If safety is your number one priority or you are protecting valuable assets, you may wish to consider having a gated entry to your parking lot. This will allow only those people you want on your property to enter your business. Nothing will make your customers feel more secure than knowing they are safe behind a metal gate. This comes with a price, though, and it may not work for every business.

Security Guards

Having a gated entry to your business property isn’t always feasible, especially if you want it to be accessible to everyone. For this reason, you may wish to protect your investment as well as your customers by hiring security guards. Security guards can be hired from private companies who will do all of the training and background checks. You may also have the option to have a guard who is armed, depending on the laws in your area. A roving security guard will be aware of unsavory characters and may prevent things such as theft and burglary.

Adequate Lighting

There is a reason that movies often show crimes happening in dark alleyways that lack adequate lighting. A well-lit parking lot can prevent crime by making it more difficult to walk around undetected. This will also make your customers feel safer when you light up the parking lot and keep it free of hazards.

Closed Circuit Television

Technology today is an amazing tool, so why not use it? While the initial investment may seem somewhat expensive, your business will benefit from having cameras record the area in and around the business. The presence of the cameras alone may discourage would-be criminals from engaging in criminal behavior because they know they may be recognized. Additionally, if a crime does happen, the chances of identifying the suspects increase drastically when they are caught on camera.

Your business extends into the parking lot where your customers will get their first and last impression of your business. Keeping your business and customers safe should be a top priority for every business owner. Whether that means hiring a roving security guard or installing cameras and additional lights, one thing is certain: your customers will appreciate the effort you have put forth to keep them safe.


Author Bio Mike Larson is working as a Marketing Manager at Unarmed Security Guards San Jose, a Company based in San Jose. He is a professional Digital Marketer having more than 8 years of experience in the field. Besides his professional work he also provides consultancy to new businesses and educates youngsters by providing easy Digital Marketing Tips.