Crown Prince Salman, deputy premier and minister of defense, has cleared the way for the possible execution of a prince convicted of murdering a Saudi citizen. This follows the refusal by the victim’s father to pardon the killer.
“Shariah shall be applied to all without exception,” said Prince Salman in a message to Interior Minister Prince Muhammad bin Naif.
“There is no difference between big and small, rich and poor. The powerful are weak before God’s law until others get their rights from them while the weak are powerful until their rights are protected.”
The directive further read: “Nobody is allowed to interfere with the judiciary’s decision. This is the tradition of this state. We are committed to following the Shariah.”
According to a report carried by, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah had issued a Royal Decree to pronounce capital punishment for the prince if the reconciliation bid failed. The governorate of the region was instructed to mediate between the victim’s relatives and the killer.
But if they refused, the person shall be executed, the king said, stressing that the victim’s family should be under no pressure to win the pardon.
Prince Salman’s message followed a statement from the victim’s father that he was not ready to pardon the killer and that the reconciliation committee was not fair to him.
The father stated that he was not happy with the amount offered as blood money.
The crown prince attached the father’s statement with his message to the interior minister.
Saudis and expatriates applauded the crown prince’s stand, saying it gives them greater confidence in the Kingdom’s judiciary. “We are happy that the Shariah is enforced in the Kingdom,” one Saudi said, adding that it would ensure justice for all.
He praised Saudi leaders for their strong commitment to the enforcement of Shariah laws.

source: arabnews