You must have heard of the “stupidity virus”.

Media reports a couple of years ago claimed that American scientists had discovered a pernicious, submicroscopic agent known to attack human DNA and impair intelligence and memory.

Turns out a bunch of dumb journalists – or jaded hacks refusing to let the facts get in the way of a good hook – had got it wrong. What scientists actually found was a minor correlation between a throat virus infecting a small sample base of people and their performance in a couple of cognitive tests.

But that was then. These days you don’t have to be brighter than a 10-watt bulb to figure out that the virus not only exists, it latches on to social and political events to spread a rolling pandemic that has reduced entire national populations to masses of sheeple.

The world has watched them plunging off the clueless cliff like so many lemmings during the UK’s Brexit vote, and there’s more headshaking in disbelief to come as they get ready to elect Donald Trump as the next US president… see more

source: scmp