More than 185 Palestinians have been killed and over a thousand injured by ruthless air strikes in the past seven days. Apparently Israel was being seriously threatened by these unarmed civilians and had to take a “responsible” defensive stance by killing over 30 children and 50 women among other causalities. While it makes perfect sense, as always the puppets of Israel namely UK and USA have tried to justify this catastrophic event, what about the Muslim world? What about Pakistan? Where are they?

The reply is a  rather simple one; as far as Muslim nations are concerned, a serious unrest and anger is seen in the populace in the form of rallies and gatherings but there is not much  on the government level. What is particularly surprising is that even though Pakistan had a history of protecting and supporting Muslim world and its stance on Palestine has been particularly strict, threatening Israel aside, not a single statement has been issued on the federal level by Pakistani government to even seriously condemn this act. So what is the real issue? The answer is rather a simple one: there is no government in Pakistan to begin with; every issue from the protection of Mosques and markets – police duty, helping those who are affected from droughts, earthquakes, or floods, conducting elections to operating against terrorists, is all being taken care of by the army, stretching its recourses and putting it to extreme pressure. It is the armed forces of Pakistan that are running this country while the so-called government is busy in buying expensive pets, bullet proof cars, conducting sham-bolic Punjab and Sindh festivals, shifting flights, protecting their own business (political) interests, killing innocent civilians, compromising national interests by supporting anti-Pakistan media for its own vested interests, and harboring hostility for its own army. It is due to this situation that the Nawaz administration in Pakistan is being seriously threatened by the opposition and general population, and it is on the verge of being overthrown. But really the most serious dilemma presently is the silence of Pakistani army over the situation of which enemy propagandists are taking full advantage.

Though the situation in Palestine is intolerable and is causing extreme unrest within Pakistani armed forces, it has not yet decided to make an explicit move; it is a known fact that implicitly Pakistani army and intelligence is supporting Palestinian freedom fighters in every possible way they can and helping Gaza in other legitimate ways also. The reason for the explicit silence of Pakistani army is firstly because of the current issues that Pakistan as a nation state and Pakistani army as an institution is dealing with. Pakistan is facing the worst possible crisis after 1971 and taking advantage of this situation, as well as problems in other muslim countries, Israel has decided to violently and symbolically attack Gaza. Secondly Pakistani army has never made a serious explicit move without a strong government in the Parliament; it is not an army of gestures and postures but one that minds It’s business and thus postures and gestures are left to administration. Unfortunately army’s silence in this issue is rather seriously hurting Pakistan as a state.

Staying quiet on the situation in Palestine is resulting in people being disenfranchised from their armed forces, especially keeping in mind the veracity with which enemy propagandists on social media and other mediums are using the opportunity to create doubts in people’s hearts about Pakistani armed forces, which will result in increased extremism inside Pakistan. The more the people start developing doubts about the intentions of the Pakistan army, the easier it will be for enemy units such as LeJ and TTP etc to recruit them for a “struggle” against Pakistan army and thus creating further instability in Pakistan.

The enemy is portraying the lack of action by Pakistan’s armed forces as a implicitness in the great crimes being committed not only internally in Pakistan by its political and judicial class, but also externally in Palestine. Even if 1% of Pakistanis fall prey to this vicious cycle  of lies and deceitful propaganda, that sums up to 1.9 million people who will in their morphed view of reality begin to see the Pakistan armed forces with a negative perspective. Out of this 1.9 million people, again if we take just 1% who will be willing to lift arms and engage in terrorist acts against the armed forces. This number will be 19,000misguided youth joining the ranks of  TTP and BLA and LeJ and other anti – state elements. These figures are absolutely minimalist (0.01%) and the real damage will indeed be a far higher percentage of the population falling prey to vicious enemy propaganda.

Keeping quiet on the situation and not informing the people about the various ways in which our armed forces are helping Palestinians is not going to convince Israel nor USA to stop helping India in its struggle against Pakistan. They are already utilizing every single bit of their potential and recourses to undermine Pakistan. So any notion of “keeping our help for Palestine a secret will prevent Israel from considering Pakistan as a threat and thus will keep their strategic planners away from Pakistan” is invalid for Pakistanis practically on the top of their list already. On the contrary, the silence will actually help the enemy and create more problems for Pakistan rather than less.

While Pakistan is surrounded by enemies and traitors, and the government is not delivering, it becomes an absolute necessity for Pakistan army to stand for Pakistan and Muslim Ummah, and in particular break the jaws of Israel like we always did but more importantly be explicit about it where-ever necessary. History has proven that fear is not something known to armed forces of Pakistan but it must understand that those who survive strive for what needs to be done; they either do it or die trying.

Men with honor don’t have excuses!

By:  Wajid Zahoor and Sharjeel Ali



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