MANILA, Philippines — A video of a blind girl belting the Miley Cyrus hit “Wrecking Ball” has gone viral on the Internet with more than 72,000 shares and counting since it was uploaded on Facebook less than a day ago.

The video shows the girl, reported to be a fifth grade student from Governor Generoso town in Davao Oriental, singing the famous song while holding a microphone in one hand and reading braille with the other.

Some netizens found her rendition better than that of the controversial singer’s.

A comment from Sam Navarro garnered likes from fellow Facebook users saying the girl’s version was “better than Miley.”

Echoing Navarro, another commenter, Joshz Montefrio, said “no offense to Miley’s fans, but this, this seems like better than hers.”

One Facebook user named Jethro Barcela said that Cyrus should be sensitive with her actions because “some kids consider her as their inspiration.”

The music video of Wrecking Ball featured Miley Cyrus singing naked while licking sledgehammers.

Some fans became disappointed with the former Disney star who also recently figured in a controversial performance at the MTV VMA Awards.

Muhd Mikhail Bin Rosli also commented on the Facebook video that: “one good thing about being blind is not having to see Miley’s nude wrecking ball swinging. Mad respect to this girl!”

Defending Cyrus, Facebook user MsBevs Mae Palas said that: “not because she is not capable of watching the video of Wrecking Ball doesn’t mean she doesn’t understand the song. Here, you won’t be amazed by her voice if she didn’t put feelings and soul on her singing. She may be blind physically but her heart sees. She doesn’t judge Miley and so must we. Hands down to you dear!! Keep on doing your passion.”