Prediction is usually all we have to rely on. We learn quickly that the most important predictor to success is determination. Aim and determination decide the fate of a person . Recent research has suggested that the environment in which people live, learn and work may play a more important role in promoting determination then do personal characteristics of the person, including level of confidence. Throughout my childhood, many individuals posed that infamous question. “So, what are you going to be when you grow up”.

I cringe even now as I write it. In childhood the answer came with assurance i.e., “The Engineer” and every one epochs satisfaction. As time passes my answer changed and I couldn’t walk on one track. The one day I inspired from one profession and the other day from another. By passing days a day came when I was totally fed up with everything. I just wished of doing study and be aware of everything.

Aims come from the flow of life and frequency of dreams. What actually dream is? The series of thoughts during asleep or the series of thoughts which do not let you sleep. Hallucination portrays the image of former series of thoughts. Latter series of thoughts shape up the life of a person in the direction one wanted. Day dreaming  is an act of externalization and adjustment to society. The word day dreaming is itself a very complex term . Some people says  that if u achieve something u want then we cannot use the word dream it becomes reality . it is very difficult to solve this mystery. Till now the scholars are not sure about many terms like dream, life , death.

Every one explains the terms according to their own experience and knowledge but many definitions failed according to time .Some people are without aims and they only give preference to live under the shadows of the nature. Now I would like to define the word determination . a state of a person who experience a sense of freedom to do what is interesting, personally important. Every one should be self determined ( self-determination theory given by Edward L.Deci and Richard M.Ryan at University of Rochester then explained by many scholars) . Opportunities to make choices, however, contributed significantly and positively to greater self-determination and autonomy.

For the achievement of the aim one should be highly determined. So, the society cannot argue and criticize. Never quit from your ambition; quitting from your aim will result in failure. If we are failed in our ambition, we should remember that failure is an event not a person. Great services are not cancelled by one act or by one single error. Truth and sincerity are the basics of achieving our aim. A person should be sincere to his ambition in all senses. Always be superior in your determination because superior people achieve their motives by hook or crook and the common people just find comforts.

In short, I would recapitulate that our life is what our thoughts make it. So, we should be fully confident on our own capacities and attributes.


By: Nohaiz Mehmood
       Writer is student of  English Literature in Government college University Lahore Pakistan