What is science? How it is correlated to society? How can we narrate science and society? These are all such questions that wedge in one’s mind. Science and society are interlinked in diverse stuff; both have association with each other.

Scientists have unusual love for nature, inquisitive about the natural things, phenomena occurring in the nature, persuaded by the question that what happens in verve and nature and to use this awareness for the benefit of mankind. It is a bequest of science that cure of many diseases have exposed which were epidemic in past which cracked a large no. of population. Outrageous diseases like cancer, hepatitis, diabetes, coronary diseases, anemia etc all have cure in today’s world which is a sanction of science.  In the field of agriculture, science has provided opportunities to the farmers to get enhanced yield in less time which is economical and efficient as well. Biotechnology products have provided opportunities to get better yield in less time, aquaculture, glucose oxidase, better variety of genetically produced animals, all are reachable due to science. Nature had provided the resources; it’s up to us that how we use these assets for our benefit. Fruition in the industrial and agricultural field is really astonishing that has helped a common man a lot, gratitude to science for such blessings.

There are countless applications of science as well. An emerging and budding field, Biotechnology, is also mounting day by day. This is the century of Biotechnology. Biotechnology is running lucratively both at agricultural and industrial level. Many products of agricultural biotechnology are introduced to the farmers which help in getting enhanced yield and improving seed quality. On industrial scale bioremediation, fermentation, metabolism, enzymology, food biotechnology etc all are running productively. The manufacture of fertilizers, alertness about crop-rotation, all these have resulted in a great assist to the farmers.

Science and society are associated to each other; their roots match since from the human existence. I will verify my point by creating a bond through genetics sandwiched between science and society. Of course science has an influence on society. The offspring resembles the parents either that is in case of humans, plants or animals. Every specie is closely related to their parents. Many heredity changes come in the genetic makeup which are occasionally cause of mutation. We can make changes in the genetic makeup by means of the latest technologies. Genetics is like a conjecture of science to the society.

The most extraordinary overhaul that science has rendered to mankind is that it has given it buoyancy and utmost self confidence. It has given one the assurance; instead of being a slave and worker to his environment he can adapt it to accomplish his wants and wishes. Before the scientific time, an agriculturalist eked out precarious existence, his life depending upon the vagaries and callousness of weather. Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Matt Cartmill: “What is a scientist after all? It is a curious man looking through a keyhole, the keyhole of nature, trying to know what’s going on.”


 By: Ammara Siddique