NYPD officers clad in riot gear marched shoulder-to-shoulder to block protesters from snarling any of the city’s bridges, highways and tunnels late Wednesday, determined to prevent a repeat of the shutdown orchestrated by Ferguson protests just 10 days earlier.

It wasn’t enough. Traffic along the West Side Highway was halted after 9 p.m. as about 100 demonstrators blocked the roadway. Police with batons moved in quickly. Protesters struck the Lincoln Tunnel next. It was closed 15 minutes before reopening after 11 p.m.

From Rockefeller Center and Madison Ave. in Midtown to the Staten Island street corner where Eric Garner was placed into a fatal chokehold, thousands of demonstrators gathered to express frustration that an NYPD cop was not indicted Wednesday by a Richmond County grand jury… see more

source: nydailynews