US officials say they will not allow uncharged electronic devices onto US-bound airplanes at some overseas airports.

The US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced the new measure on Sunday.

It is part of the agency’s efforts to bolster airport security amid suggestions of a plot by Islamic extremists to blow up an airliner.

The TSA said that passengers at certain international airports may be asked during security screening to turn on their electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablet or laptop computers.

If they do not have power the devices will not be allowed on planes, said the agency.

The TSA will not specify which airports will be subject to the extra screening.

“As the traveling public knows, all electronic devices are screened by security officers,” the TSA’s written statement said.

“During the security examination, officers may also ask that owners power up some devices, including cell phones.

“Powerless devices will not be permitted onboard the aircraft. The traveler may also undergo additional screening.”.. see more