At this point it seems like it’s just a matter of time before every device shown on Star Trek becomes a reality and, thanks to a new innovation, the holodeck could be next.

A UK company called Ultrahaptics has developed a method of providing haptic feedback for holographic imagery by using ultrasonic technology.

Originally developed in the research labs at the University of Bristol, the developers of the system can deliver different haptic feedback and virtually tactile shapes through ultrasonic waves by pulsing the feedback of the ultrasonic waves or changing their modulation frequency.

The change in pressure that creates the virtual shapes and force sensations is termed “acoustic radiation pressure.”

To better wrap your head around the concept, think of the fictional mid-air interface show in Minority Report, a type of system promised by real world companies such as Leap Motion, that allow you to manipulate computer data with gestures in the air. Now add texture and force feedback to such a mid-air interface and you begin to understand the possibilities of Ultrahaptics’ system…. see more

source: mashable