Uber just launched a brand-new standalone app, and it has nothing to do with hailing a ride in a black car.

UberEATS, the Uber-branded food-delivery service it’s been testing inside its own app for the better part of the past 18 months, is now a standalone app available in Toronto, Wired reported Wednesday.

And it sounds like it could be a serious threat to similar apps like Grubhub and Seamless.

For context, Uber launched UberEATS in Los Angeles last year and has since expanded those services to New York City, Toronto, Austin, Chicago, and Barcelona.

In each of its participating cities, Uber partners with a couple restaurants each day to offer meals to its customers, which the company delivers via courier within just a few minutes. Just like when you’re waiting for your Uber to roll up, you can track your food’s progress on your smartphone as it travels to you.

Uber told Wired it launched UberEATS in Toronto because the in-app UberEATS was already popular there, and the operations team in the city is strong. Consider Toronto a test market before Uber expands UberEATS to other markets… see more

source: businessinsider