WASHINGTON — Uber and Goodwill have combined forces to pick up donated clothing free of charge Saturday in more than 50 American cities and metro areas.

The spring-cleaning promotion is an expansion of previous collaborations between the ride-sharing app and the charity in New York, Boston and San Francisco, according to Uber.

Donors can open the Uber app, tap the “GIVE” button, and an SUV arrives to pick up bags of used clothing and deliver them to the nearest Goodwill for no charge.

The one-day promotion is available in Detroit, Dallas, Denver, Birmingham, Nashville, Miami, Kansas City, Cleveland and several other areas.

“This collaboration has made spring cleaning and donating an easy task, while ensuring that their clothing is not only diverted from landfills, but also goes toward supporting efforts to put people back to work,” Kim Zimmer, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of global development of Goodwill Industries International, said in a statement.

source: usatoday