There is pain inherent in life.  And there is self-inflicted pain.  And there is pain inflicted by oppressors too.  And whether we like to hear it or not, we are the ultimate authority as to what our reaction to the grievance will be.  Suffering will be initially unavoidable, unless one is a very enlightened spiritually developed being. But after a little while of this, we should ask ourselves if we are doing sound business with our energy. Is this tradeoff intelligent?  Most likely there is a more benign angle to see the situation which would help me to cope with the pain, the suffering, and let us wiggle free from it, even completely!  Imagine that!  To make a conscious decision, to draw a line on the sand and say, whether out loud or in silence, simply or ceremoniously, but to declare: I no longer will lend my energy to this situation because it weakens me, and because it is out of my control; it steals my power, and my potential is lost every moment I choose to energize the thought that produces the suffering.

Some contend that anger is useful.  I don’t disagree that there is a moment when anger can have a positive function, namely to propel us into action (a POSITIVE action).  But don’t think that you will be as strong if you are propelled by anger the whole task long.  It is far better to be propelled by love. The energy will be infinitely superior, the result more desirable, and the journey far more enriching.  I love what Mother Teresa would say when she received invitations to rally against something, be it war, be it drugs; she would reply, I will not attend your anti-war rally, but if you organize a pro-peace rally, I will be there.

We need to seek congruence within our beings across the board.  Our lives need to make sense, otherwise we are the ones who will feel the lack of balance before anyone else.  And there is a better way.  Blessed are we when we seek it.




Written By:  Viviana Rose (USA)

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