A bull made a surprise appearance during a Turkish TV news bulletin as part of a stunt protesting global silence on the violence in Syria and Egypt.

A reporter “interviewed” the bull during the program aired on Kanal T, asking its opinion on the global silence on the situation in Syria and Egypt.

“Humanity remained silent on massacres. We are bulls; we don’t cry, but human beings can cry,” the correspondent reported the bull as saying. He then stated that even the bull had something to say on the violence in Egypt and Syria.

It was clear to viewers that the reporter brought the bull into the studio making a reference to the Turkish phrase “looking the way a bull looks at a passing train,” which normally means “having a dull expression.” But he indicated that he was referring to the phrase to show the lack of action taken by the Western powers.

During the bulletin, the reporter also referred to the tears shed by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during a TV program last week when a letter written by senior Muslim Brotherhood politician Mohammad al-Beltagy to his daughter, who was killed by Egyptian security forces in a crackdown in Cairo on Aug. 14, was read out in a video at the end of the program.

“They were the tears of a father, not a prime minister,” the reporter said, adding that he found Erdoğan’s tears sincere.

source: todayszaman