President Abdullah Gül has warned Israel against the ground offensive it launched on Thursday evening, saying if Israel doesn’t stop the escalation of tension in the region, which has reached a dangerous level, it may result in even graver developments.

In remarks to reporters on Friday, Gül said Turkey has made intense efforts with other states and international organizations since the start of the Gaza offensive and recalled that he had previously warned Israel to end its attacks targeting Palestine and especially not to launch a ground offensive.

He said the attacks that started on Thursday evening have reached dangerous levels. “Israel’s aggression is sowing the seeds of hatred not only in Palestine but also increasing Israel’s part in radicalism around the world,” Gül said, adding, “If Israel won’t prevent this escalation, it will inevitably give rise to far more serious consequences.”

President Gül also called on the United Nations Security Council, which was scheduled to hold a meeting on Friday afternoon, to take steps regarding Israel’s ground offensive and to make a strong statement to stop Israel’s aggression.

Israel is committing genocide, says Erdoğan

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a harsh critic of Israeli treatment of Palestinians, accused Israel once again of committing genocide and terror in Gaza and vowed that normalization of Turkish-Israeli relations will not happen as long as he is in power.

He dismissed claims that the tension had emerged after three Israeli boys were found dead in June.

“Israel is a country that threatens world peace. It has never favored peace,” he told reporters on Friday. “I do not envision any progress [in ties] with Israel as long as I am in charge,” he said, even though this might harm his reputation in the Western countries that are sympathetic to the Israeli position in the conflict.

“The Western reaction might be different. But I have never tried to look sympathetic to dominant powers, and I never will,” he said…. see more

source: todayszaman