Supporters of Turkish President Erdogan have been quite inventive in proposing means to “punish” the alleged perpetrators and plotters of Turkey’s failed coup attempt, as Ankara widens its crackdown, arresting or sacking tens of thousands of people.

While Erdogan has been unable to get his hands on Pennsylvania-based Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric whom the authorities accuse of orchestrating the July 15 rebellion and want extradited from the US, some overzealous supporters of the Turkish leader have decided to take retribution closer to home.

Gulen’s birthplace to become public toilet

The birthplace of Gulen in the village of Korucuk is going to be turned into a public toilet, according to a report from local outlet Beyaz Gazete.

The lavatory is to be built from materials coming from the house Gulen was born in. The outlet claimed the villagers themselves asked authorities for the unusual construction project in the central province of Erzurum.

Local journalist Latif Simsek, who reported on the case after hearing about it from another man, said “I thought he was kidding [but] then I called Erzurum Metropolitan Mayor, Mehmet Sekman.”… see more

source: RT