Swift is an object-oriented imperative language from Apple. Hands down, swift is one of the easiest languages to use. Apple has made the sure it’s easy to use and read therefore the language has been made easy. Due to several key features, closures, generics, and type interface make it easy to use. Swift has the potential to become the preferred language for user-friendly applications. The following article contains top highlighted benefits that Swift has to offer.

  • Swift App is faster and Safer

In a competitive world, developing a mobile app that is faster and safer to use is a priority. Apple positioned swift as the fastest and safest app to use. In order to provide security, Swift prompts a run time crash while you use a nil optional variable. When a customer is facing any problem, even a slight difference in the speed this crash will make the bug fixing process easier and this is what makes the app faster and efficient for the customer. All these reasons give Swift a reason to be a safe and secure language.

  • Readability

Swift is one the easiest language when it comes to readability. The number one benefit of choosing swift is the clean syntax which makes it easy to read and write while providing the benefits of Object C. swift requires fewer lines of code to implement an option because it drops many legacy conventions, such as semicolons, end lines or parentheses. Swift is a natural approach to coding because it resembles plain English. This helps the programmers with experience with JavaScript, Java, Python, C#, and C++ to adopt swift into programming.

  • Less code & less legacy

Swift is a compact language. Less code means better readability. With Objective-C, swift provides a code that is error free to resolve the app crashes issues. Swift needs less coding efforts when writing repetitive statements or causing manipulation. While working with Objective-C, you’ll need to incorporate two strings which makes it lengthy. With Swift, you just need to add “+” sign to join two strings.

  • Maintenance

It’s not possible for Objective-C to develop without involving C. On the contrary, Swift doesn’t have these dependencies, which makes it easy to maintain. C demands to create two code files to improve the build time and efficiency of the code. With swift, programmers can spend time on improving the quality of their code, features and comments that are supported.

  • Open source

Swift was stated as open source, which opens up platforms to be used across a variety of platforms. Open source swift means that Apple will get feedback from the community if there’s a need of improvement based on the contribution to the success of the language. Swift not only contributes to the success because it’s well designed but many developers support it. Also, the swift code is more convenient to other platforms than objective-C and is predicted to expand beyond the Apple eco system.

  • Swift supports Dynamic libraries

Dynamic libraries in swift hasn’t received enough attention which is a major release in iOS. Dynamic libraries are executable chunks of code that can be linked to an app. This feature allows current swift apps to link to the newest version of swift language as it grows over time.  Dynamic libraries in swift are directly uploaded to the memory, reducing the initial size of the app and increasing app performance.

  • “Playground” encourages interactive coding

Swift playground has presented new opportunities to developers. It has a feature that allows the programmers to test new algorithm without creating the whole app.  The programmers can visualize data and make any corrections if needed along with further development. Swift and Playground together commend Apple’s effort to make the development easier and more convenient.

  • Built with future of development in mind

Swift code is a clear and concise language, which produces a positive effect on the developer’s productivity. Swift accumulates all the pros from different programming languages such as Python, Go, Ruby and others. It takes a lot of elements form Objective-C while bringing the whole set of new features allowing users to write safely with using reliable code. It has become one of the best leading programming languages for creating appealing and user-friendly mobile apps.

  • In Summary

There are numbers of factors that should be considered when using Swift for iOS development. Taking into account the number of features including speed, simple syntax, reliable code and much more. Swift is undoubtedly the best leading programming language for creating engaging, user-friendly iOS apps. Swift isn’t finished yet, Apple will continue to improve and add new features in the coming years.


Author Bio: Chester Williams is a system software developer at iPhone Development Company in Singapore. He specializes in Apple products and iOS applications. When he’s not working, you can find him advancing his knowledge about gadgets and software development.