What are Education Websites?

Every website that supports education or provide online teaching facilities are called Education Websites. Such websites are proven to be quite helpful for students who are either home-schooled or have trouble understanding their teachers. Most of these websites comes with tutorial videos and/or online lectures. These websites can also provide help for a specific subject rather than the whole curriculum of a grade. Simply speaking, any website that helps a student with either all or a particular subject is an Education Website. The following 10 websites are considered to be the top 10 education websites.

Best Websites for Home-Schooling

  • org: GCF is a free education website that covers around 200 topics of various subjects. GCF helps a student by providing more than 2000 lectures on various topics. Video tutorials and learning via interactive games are also a part of this website.
  • com: If you’re home-schooling your child, then Crash Course would be perfect to fulfill his/her educational needs. Crash Course provides high quality video lectures on more than 15 subjects. Crash Course is perfect for high school going students; it also provides collage preparation courses.
  • E-learningforkids.org: E-learning for Kids targets children between the ages of 5 and 12. EFK provides around 1000 lectures and courses on the subjects of Math, Life Skills, Language, Arts, Environment, Computers, Health and Science. The best thing about this website is that many of these courses and lectures are available not only online but offline as well.
  • com: Time4Learning is another website preferred by many parents who are home-schooling their children. The curriculum or syllabus of this website is designed to entertain students of grades Pre-Kindergarten – 12th grade. The only problem with this website is that it is not free.

Learning New Languages was Never This Easy

  • com: Duolingo is one of the best free translation available online at the moment. Besides being a translation tool, this website is also considered to be one of the best websites for learning a new language.
  • org: If you want your child to learn a new exotic language than Language Transfer should be your go-to website. This website offers language courses in Arabic, Turkish, Swahili, German and Greek.
  • com: Middlebury Interactive is a website that is most preferred by home-schooling parents. The best feature of this website would be its self-pacing option. Students can set their own learning pace according to their needs. It offers online courses up to the 12th grade.

Music, Art and History Are Important Too

  • com: Hoffman Academy is the most preferred website when it comes to learning piano. This website is designed for amateurs. It is designed in such a way that the lessons’ duration can be from 5 minutes and to maximum 15 minutes.
  • com: The main focus of this website is to motivate their students to create art using simple steps and procedures. This is exceptionally helpful for students who lack basic artistic skills.
  • org: This website is perfect for students who love mythology. This website has a huge archive of historical resources and mythology.


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