Job searching can be difficult and frustrating. It usually isn’t at the top of anyone’s “favorite things to do” list. With so many jobs available (there were over 6 million job openings in the United States in 2017) it would seem easy for people to land a job. Unfortunately many people simply don’t know how to hunt for jobs. Here are three things that everyone should know about job hunting.

1. Employee referrals are the best way to get a job

There is a reason that companies are spending so much money on employee referral programs. They trust that their best employees will refer people like them (note that it’s the best employees–if your friend is a bad employee, you may want to disassociate yourself with them for the purpose of getting the job). Having a referral from a current employee of a company could be your ticket in the door.

Statistics have shown that people with referrals are more likely to get jobs that they enjoy. They are also 66 percent more likely to get hired for a position than if they don’t have a referral. Another thing to keep in mind is that the higher the referring employee’s position, the more likely you are to get the job.

If you already have friends in high places, then you are all set to get referrals. If not, its time to make some new friends. Go to industry events and network with people. Make sure you have a nice, professional, updated resume with you at all times while networking. You can also network with people on LinkedIn. Be sure to have your profile fully filled out with your best information. It may be wise to hire professional help with your resume and LinkedIn profile. Places like can help with professional-looking resumes and profiles.

2. The interviewing process can take weeks

If you are expecting to get hired right away, you should change your expectations. Employers are taking a lot longer than they used to to hire employees. Many interview processes can include multiple interviews with different managers or directors. Some may include tests, presentations, or other shows of skills.

On average, employers are taking almost 23 days to hire new employees. Some higher ranking positions could take months. There are even a few careers that could take years for you to get hired into. When job hunting, you must remember to have a lot of patience and be prepared for long interview processes.

3. You need to stand out

Many job openings can have hundreds of applicants for the same position. To an employer who has to shuffle through resume after resume, a mountain of papers can begin to look bland and unexciting. The employer will most likely begin to quickly weed out many unexciting resumes. You don’t want your resume to be in the pile of weeds.

It is important to make your resume stand out against other applicants’ resumes. This doesn’t mean you should print your resume on hot pink paper that smells like roses. Here are a few suggestions on how to make your resume stand out in a professional manner:

  • Use neat, professional formatting.
  • Have an eye catching, valuable statement/objective at the top.
  • Keep the large and fancy fonts to a minimum.
  • If you use color, use it sparingly only to attract a little attention. A page border is a great example of a good use of color.
  • Keep your resume to the point and don’t fill it with fluff.

While job hunting can be a little frustrating and intimidating, being prepared goes a long way in simplifying the process and improving your odds. Keep yourself in the right state of mind and have patience. Before you know it, you may land the career of your dreams.


Author Bio:  Jeremy is a tech and business writer from Simi Valley, CA. He’s worked for Adobe, Google, and himself. He lives for success stories, and hopes to be one someday.