Based on the news of banning Islamic (halal ) meat, Muslims around the world  called upon their governments to stop importing Danish meat. However, facing growing criticism over that alleged “halal“ ban Denmark confirmed that Islamic slaughter is still legal.

“There is no ban on Islamic slaughter in Denmark,” the Danish Embassy in Riyadh was quoted by the Arab News on Monday, February 24.

“Animal sacrifice according to Islamic principles is still legal in Denmark.”


The controversy started when in February  Agriculture and Food Minister Dan Jørgensen announced that Jewish and Muslim ritual slaughter will be illegal in Denmark. Danish Embassy in Riyadh reacted over that issue :

“Unfortunately, the Danish government executive order has been portrayed and misinterpreted by the media, as if it was directed against the halal form of slaughter,” said Fikre El-Gourfti, deputy chief of the Danish mission.

Fikre El-Gourfti, referring to the statements issued by Jorgensen said: “It is important for the Danish government that Muslims can buy halal meat in Denmark.” He then explained that Jorgensen has been misquoted in many media reports as saying that animal welfare is above religion.

Denmark is home to a Muslim minority of 200,000, making three percent of the country’s 5.4 million population.