If T-Pain was from Hyderabad, he might sound a little like Vennu Mallesh.
The Indian singer has become an Internet sensation in the West after users discovered one of his videos and spread it across social networks. The general consensus is that it is awful. So awful, in fact, that it’s amazing. But having racked up in excess of 4.2million views, Mr Mallesh is probably laughing along with his critics – and all the way to the bank.

The song, It’s My Life (What Ever I Wanna Do), is a fairly catchy piece of Auto-Tune pop, in the style of early Lil Wayne, which Mr Mallesh, 29, describes as ‘a non-fictional, psychological and philosophical song written by me’. In the song’s description on YouTube, he goes on: ‘My Life inspired me to write the lyrics, lyrics inspired me to compose tune, lyrics and tune inspired me to Sing. That’s what the actual happened to the “Born of the Song”. ‘The words I penned for the lyrics of the Song are genuinely written from the bottom of My Heart which describes about “My Attitude”.’

The heartfelt slice of pop has been panned by critics, both professional and amateur. Reporting on its going viral, a writer for India TV News described it as both ‘torturous’ and ‘unmelodious’.
‘Be assured the video is not being popularized due to his singing but instead for his audacity to sing,’ the reporter sniped. YouTube commenters have not been any more charitable towards Mr Mallesh’s efforts. ‘He is one s*** singer,’ remarked one user on the video sharing site.
Another wrote: ‘You sir have the most retarded songs/voice I’ve ever heard.’… see more

source: dailymail UK