Every student has a phone nowadays, so why not use it for something other than just texting or social networking? Now, you can change your phone into your planner and assistant. You have paid top dollars for that phone so use all of its features!

If you have an Android phone, then the collections of apps described below are a must for you!


  1. QuickOffice:

This is a great app from Google as it works exactly like the Microsoft Office suite. You can find it quite easily on your play store.

It lets the users create and edit word documents, presentations, spreadsheets and open documents in PDF format. This app is available on all Android smart phones and tablets and it is completely free.

Moreover, it has a clean user interface and is quite easy to navigate because of different icons explaining almost every feature. You will find you can do almost everything on this app like what you do on your MS office. So, it is a great on the go way to work on those last minute assignments and presentations.


  1. My Study Life:

The common problem that all students face is of properly organizing their time as well as resources. My Study Life is a complete package through which students can organize, schedule and check their timetable for their classes as well as homework due and exam schedule on the go.

Its features include integration of your timetable with your assignments due, it also provides alerts when the assignment is due, you can add exam schedule and get revision schedules

Some similar apps with similar features like My Study Life are Timetable and My Class Schedule which can be easily found on your Play store.


  1. Mint:

Are you always struggling with your financial problems? Can you not stick to a defined budget? Then this app is a God send for you! It lets you plan all your financial decisions so you know what your spending will be, also it helps you to make financial decisions by comparing options that are available. You can make a budget, check your account and your spending on the go with this app, so it is an on the go financial manager for you!


Some paid, but totally worth it apps!

  • A great app for calculus students is WolfRam Alpha. Priced at only $2.99, it can make graphs, solve complex functions and almost do anything related to calculus. This app will also let you do conversion calculations and it also works as a source for finding financial information. Some similar but free apps like this are Grapher and Aleo Graphing. If you don’t want to spend money, then these apps might be useful too as they have almost similar functions.
  • Flash Cards Deluxe, priced at about $4, is also a great app not only for learning new materials, but also for revision purposes as you will find flashcards on just about anything on this app.
  • If you want to increase your reading speed and retention power, then Reading Trainer is the app for you. Priced at only $3.99, you can increase your reading speed, learn new languages via fun and engaging activities.



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