WHEN it comes to innovative technology on a truly epic scale there’s nothing more exciting (or scary) than nanorobotics.
Scientists are developing robots smaller than the width of a human hair with the idea they could be controlled on a molecular level — that’s literally moving atoms and cells us humans aren’t able to.
They could be programmed and put to use inside human bodies to tinker around with the smallest of our cells, be part of a million-strong miniature work force for rapid construction or even be used as a potential weapon. But these little robotic critters have been putting the bejesus up us ever since science mentioned the name.

The thought of swarms of millions of microscopic machines working as one to literally deconstruct us by the very molecules we’re made from was enough for the likes of Prince Charles and Elon Musk — the millionaire inventor, CEO and real life Iron Man who’s been at the front of innovation — to raise their fears.

So will they kill us all or save humanity? The technology is still very much in the lab stage but used in the right way nanotech possibilities are truly worthy of sci-fi movie fodder. Think 1980s movie Inner Space but without Dennis Quaid living inside you… see more

source: news.com.au