What started in the 1990s as the original “The Halal Guys” food cart has become a word-of-mouth success story on the streets of New York and looks set to create a Middle Eastern street food phenomenon in national and international markets within the next five years.

Scenes of block long queues stretching out from the food carts have become iconic on the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Avenue, where the original Halal Guys food cart began. Showcasing the recognizable yellow logo with the wording “Halal Guys,” matching the color of New York taxi cabs, the cart is a regular haunt for New Yorkers and a must for tourists. The on-the-go gyro and chicken dishes served with orange rice, topped with the famous white sauce is a staple street cuisine that New Yorkers have taken to over the past decade.

It is not uncommon for customers to queue for over an hour in order to savor the platter’s delights.

“It’s our first trip to New York and Halal Guys was on the top of our to-do list. We are braving the harsh bitter cold of winter here in New York, not in the least bit put off by the long queue. It’s all part of the experience. There’s a real spirit of anticipation… about what treats lie ahead. It will all be worth it soon, explains Laurie Pattison who was visiting New York as a tourist at the time.

With a simple menu and many left wondering what the key ingredients are for the popular white sauce, the food cart remains a regular haunt for office workers, taxi drivers and tourists. As the food carts are open till 4 am in the morning, clubs goers are also kept satisfied… see more

source: alarabiya.net