The French have never been big on tipping, but according to a new survey they increasingly pay what they owe and not a penny more. An expert has an interesting explanation, which has nothing to do with the French being cheap.

Whether it’s the fault of their infamous grumpy waiters or an unwillingness to shell out extra cash in hard times, the French are becoming increasingly less likely to tip, a TripAdvisor survey has revealed.

Indeed, 16 percent of the 1,978 French people questioned in the survey said they never tipped at all when they went to restaurants and cafés.

The figures show a sharp jump over the results of last year’s edition of the survey in which only seven percent of French people admitted to paying the bill and leaving nothing extra for the service, according to Le Parisien.

Just 15 percent of French people said they “always” tip for service while on vacation and one third of respondents confessed to leaving less in 2014 than in previous year.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Artiné Mackertichian told Le Parisien the figures are a symptom of the financial crisis in France coupled with an increased awareness of tipping tendencies around the world, which makes them less likely to tip at home… see more

source: thelocal