We know our beginnings but not our endings.  We are the most momentous yet the feeblest creature of this universe. Man in this world considers that he directs his life and governs his actions. He takes refugees in existentialists’ theories without realizing his own existence is permanently under the control of his destiny. Some hidden and some unhidden forces always act to push him where he neither intends nor wishes to travel.

In the present scenario things have gone so badly that Muslims in the whole world are considered complimentary to terrorism. It is commonly perceived that “every Muslim is not a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Muslim.” Terrorism, extremism and rebellious activities are the direct product of dearth and certainly we are the poorest of all nations. Our humane Islamic values, our Islamic traditions have deep buried under the dust of history. So who is to blame in presence of all these confusions? What caused us to relegate to this level? What caused us to falter? A clear analysis is required to explicate this phenomenon. Nobody else is responsible for our privations except us. Nations who let grass grow under their feet are destined to such kind of treatments. Widening the economic gulf between the west and the Muslim world, the result of having resources but not the means to utilize and exploit them…These facts are bitter pills and a bit hard to demolish. If you want to fight then first you should take care of your collective economic backwardness.

We are hysterically using our energies and potentials to harm others; in consequence our every scheme is boomeranging upon us. Our every apparent movement forward is throwing us backwards. Violence ultimately breeds violence. As Bertrand Russell says “if we want peace we should prepare for peace”. We ought to take measures to change our ossified political culture to keep the society cohesive and unified. It is usually easier and always more gratifying to blame others for our own misfortunes. As Shakespeare says in Julius Cesar “The fault…does not lies in our stars but in our selves, that we are underlings”.


By: Ammara Siddique