Hakimullah Mehsud, chief of the banned militant outfit TTP, died in a drone strike in his Dande Darphakhel compound closing the doors for the peace process with the government. But who actually closed the doors? Why Mehsud was killed when peace talks were about to begin? Why he was never targeted before? Mehsud died when negotiations with the Pakistan government were about to begin. Mullah Fazlullah, who has been made the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief, has announced the end of peace talks. He had shifted to the Kunar province of Afghanistan but was neither caught nor killed (intentionally) by the Americans and NATO forces despite the fact that there were serious allegations against him. On the contrary, when Mehsud died, the US proclaimed that there were chances for Mullah Fazlullah to become the TTP head and if this assumption becomes a reality then the US would also target Fazlullah. This depicts the double standard of the super-power. The warning of America results in end of negotiations.

With Fazlullah as the commander in chief of TTP, the enemies of the country would be the one to benefit from this situation. The end of peace process means continuation of violence and anarchy. After the announcement of termination of efforts for peace, Fazlullah spokesperson warned the Pakistani government and people of increase in the spread of terrorism and stated that the people of Pakistan will also suffer misery and pain.

Meantime, Ashura has been observed, and unfortunately a wave of fear has spread in the country. The two sects (Sunni and Shi’ite) are eye ball to eye ball with each other and many people have dies and injured. The incident of one city is gradually spreading countrywide.

For quite long time, no direct violent confrontation has been noticed between the two sects but this occurred when the people of Pakistan were desperately awaiting stability and peace. The incident on Ashura that occurred in Rawalpindi can possibly be a conspiracy against the country. This was triggered by the outer forces and all was done very cleverly. On the surface, it seems the TTP has taken its revenge on the citizens but it is not the method of TTP. The signature of TTP is suicide or planted bomb attacks. They are apparently fighting for strengthening the roots of the country’s religion. They definitely do not get benefit from people fighting people. Their target is the state and its institutions. The whole scenario which has forced the administration to impose curfew in some cities depicts to benefit the players of international community against us.

There are different points through which our enemy states could get benefit. One thing; with the enforcement of curfew, routine life has been struck and it is damaging the country. Great economic loss is happening due to closure of markets and business centers. Secondly, apparently it seems the TTP is behind that as they announced it and as public is already against the TTP rather hating them, so it might trigger public to force government to carry on with the operations against Pakistani Taliban and stop the attempts for peace process. The continuation of enmity and hatred between the two sides would assist the enemies to benefit from the situation and weaken the state of Pakistan more efficiently and effectively. The state that would likely to get maximum benefit is the one that wishes to leave Afghanistan.

The game has been played and now spectators are waiting for the consequences. It is time to understand who are the enemies. The game shows what has been demonstrated is all part of a covert war being played against us by our adversaries.

By: Iqra Khawar

note:  al-rasub is not responsible for the writer personal opinion