Air travel in economy class can be rather unpleasant and much manoeuvring in an uncomfortable seat with little legroom is often called for.

But a British design company believes it has come up with a seating concept that will make even the longest of journeys more enjoyable – although it may come at a cost, depending on your size.

It is called Morph and has been designed to offer passengers choice over the amount of space they pay for and to provide a better fit for more people.


Design practice Seymourpowell said the seating solution is a ‘standard product’ designed to meet the needs of a variety of people, while taking up little more room than a normal economy class seat.

The width of the seat can be adjusted, while an individual can also control the seat pan height and depth, to make sure they are comfortable.

The company said airlines could offer different widths of seat for different prices, allowing them to arrange the economy cabin by people’s willingness and ability to pay for space, blurring the boundaries between the classes.

This means small travellers or children could pay less for a seat or could sell their inches to larger passengers who want more space, or business travellers who are prepared to pay more so they have more room to work.

The company believes that the seat could adapt to different people’s sizes so that comfort levels could increase without a reduction in overall capacity.  see more

source: dailymail UK