Housing prices continue to grow at a red-hot pace in many parts of the world.

The Global Property Guide has compiled and analyzed the property price performance of the world’s big economies.

We’ve put together a list of the top 16 markets based on year-over-year, inflation-adjusted price performance as of Q3. The chart accompanying each slide shows the year-over-year percentage change in house price.

1. Dubai UAE

Dubai remains the best performer in our global house price survey, with house prices rising by 23.73% during the year to Q3 2014. However, this was a deceleration from annual rises of 33.26% in Q2 2014 and 31.57% in Q1 2014, mainly due a housing market cooling measures imposed by the government. The economy continues to grow at a healthy pace.

2. Turkey

Home prices in Turkey rose 17.01% year-over-year, which was greater than 2013’s increase of 12.93%.
Prices rose 4.56% during Q3 2014.

3. Ireland

Home prices in Ireland rose 14.96% year-over-year, which was greater than 2013’s increase of 3.65%.
Prices rose 6.23% during Q3 2014.

4. Estonia (Tallinn)

Home prices in the UK rose 14.68% year-over-year, which was a slowdown from 2013’s increase of 15.54%.
Prices rose 2.15% during Q3 2014.

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source: businessinsider