The Taliban gunmen who stormed a school on Tuesday in the Pakistani city of Peshawar killing 148 people, including 132 children, have been identified by the militant group.

The Pakistani Taliban released the pictures as they issued a statement claiming the attack was justified because the Pakistani army had long been killing innocent children and families of their fighters.

Pakistani Taliban spokesman Mohammad Khurasani also vowed more attacks as he warned civilians to detach themselves from all military institutions.

In photos released by the group, between six and seven men carrying guns can be seen pictured in front of a white banner.

In one photo, the militants are standing with a local Taliban leader, AP has reported.

The statement claimed the picture was taken in one of the Pakistani tribal regions.

The statement claimed the picture was taken in one of the Pakistani tribal regions.

This photo released by the Taliban show 6-7 men carrying guns in front of a white banner.

The Taliban released the images as pictures showing the devastation left behind following the eight hour siege started to emerge on Wednesday.

Walls riddled with bullet holes, an auditorium floor covered in blood and a burnt out office could be seen in pictures sent from the scene as journalists were allowed inside the building.

Mass funerals were under way on Wednesday as the death toll rose to 148 after the body of the school’s head Tahira Qazi, was found among the debris overnight.

Military spokesman Major General Asim Bajwa said the school principal was inside her office when the attackers made their way into the administration building. He said she locked herself into the bathroom but was killed after a grenade was thrown through a vent and into the room… see more

source: times of india