Khartoum — The leader of Sudan’s opposition Popular Congress Party (PCP), Hassan Al-Turabi, has renewed his warning against the outbreak of a civil war as a result of the current political turmoil and called upon president, Omer Hassan Al-Bashir, to give up power.

In an interview with Sky News TV Arabic service on Wednesday, Al-Turabi said that they hope the regime hands over power before people resort to arms leading to civil war, adding that the regime could no longer sustain power through tyrannical means.

The Islamic leader further called upon the opposition parties to get ready for a transitional period following the downfall of the regime, expecting that opposition forces would soon sign the interim constitution after they have agreed on its general basis.

Turabi who was speaking for the first time since the recent protests in Sudan also warned against the flare-up of total chaos following the overthrow of the regime if the opposition forces fail to prepare the political alternative.

The opposition forces failed to agree on the role of religion in politics as Turabi calls for an Islamic constitution while the other opposition forces speak about Civilian State where only issues related to the personal status and some issues of the civil law can be included in the constitution.

Last week, violent clashes erupted between the demonstrators and security forces in different parts of the country following the government’s removal of fuel subsidies leading to at least 33 deaths according to official figures and more than a 150 according to activists and opposition.

Sudanese authorities said they arrested 700 people in connection with the riots and denied using live ammunition against protesters. They accused outside elements of firing at the demonstrators. see more